Wire Clips

Wire Clips are used in low-pressure applications and particularly with small diameter sunken spiral hoses.

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Application: Low Pressure

Material: Steel

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CWC7378, CWC7883, CWC8388, CWC8893, CWC9399, CWC98104, CWC10411, CWC11116, CWC116123, CWC121131, CWC129136, CWC136144, CWC144151, CWC148159, CWC159168, CWC168177, CWC177187, CWC187196, CWC196206


7.3MM – 7.8MM, 7.8MM – 8.3MM, 8.3MM – 8.8MM, 8.8MM – 9.3MM, 9.3MM – 9.9MM, 9.8MM – 10.4MM, 10.4MM – 11MM, 11MM – 11.6MM, 11.6MM – 12.3MM, 12.1MM – 13.1MM, 12.9MM – 13.6MM, 13.6MM – 14.4MM, 14.4MM – 15.1MM, 14.8MM – 15.9MM, 15.9MM – 16.8MM, 16.8MM – 17.7MM, 17.7MM – 18.7MM, 18.7MM – 19.6MM, 19.6MM – 20.6MM