Gladstone Air Fittings and Supplies

Air fittings are components used to assist transportation of compressed air and liquids in various specialised temperatures and environments. They can include simple valves and couplings for domestic air compressors through to specialised pushlock fittings for all industries. The most common types of air fittings include claw couplings, nittos and filter regulators, valves, lubricators, couplings, manifolds, pressure gauges, pushlock fittings and more. Explore our air fittings product range below.

In addition to supplying one of the biggest ranges of air fittings, hoses, hydraulic components and more, we keep them stocked in bulk to cope with the demands of our clients. We also carry large amounts of stock for items that our repeat customers continually order because we want your operations to run smoothly. Our expedient turnaround times mean you aren’t ever left without your components when you need them.

We’re continually updating our site with stock, but not everything we have is currently listed online. Don’t hesitate to give us a call on (07) 4972 3068 if you’re after something that isn’t currently listed on the website.