Aeroflow Supplier in Gladstone

The Hose Shed are a Gladstone-based hose specialist and Aeroflow supplier, stocking a large range of quality hoses, fuel lines and fittings for high performance usage. We’re a one-stop shop for hoses and fittings and offer comprehensive expert advice to suit your needs. We’re relied on by everyone from mechanics and DIYers to renowned multi-national companies across Queensland. We keep a massive range of stock to prevent delays for our customers and provide tailored product advice tailored to your needs.

Call us on (07) 4972 3068 to speak to one of our friendly team and place an order.

Aeroflow Hoses and Fittings:

Aeroflow fittings are renowned in the automotive world for their quality fittings designed to last when the going gets tough in harsh racing conditions. Mechanics swear by their line of AN fittings, while their rubber-lined stainless-steel hoses are considered essential for many racing teams. Aeroflow fittings are a premium product, but the unrivalled durability in high temperature and pressure environments is worth it, even for peace of mind.

Aeroflow components that we stock include:

  • AN fittings
  • Hardline fittings
  • Push-on fittings
  • Silicon hose
  • Braided stainless-steel rubber-lined hose
  • Fuel lines
  • Radiator hose adapters

We can source just about any Aeroflow component you desire, no matter how niche. Aeroflow offer many of their fittings, like couplers, in a few colours, which can prove helpful for mechanics or make your engine bay look polished and professional.

Why choose The Hose Shed?

Aeroflow does sell their fittings directly to consumers, but for mechanics and car enthusiasts purchasing smaller quantities, the cost of freight can be prohibitive. In addition to a wall of all kinds of Aeroflow fittings and hoses at our showroom, we can also order in any fitting or hose you desire at affordable prices. We’ll simply add your components to our weekly shipment. To order from us, go onto the Aeroflow website, find the part number for what you need and get in touch with our team.

The Hose Shed

Get in touch with The Hose Shed on (07) 4972 3068 for more information about our full range of Aeroflow products.