Ludecke Double Bolt Clamp

These Clamps are easy to secure and can be used on various fittings and applications. 
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Application: Industrial, agriculture, mining and many more

Material: Malleable Iron


Additional information

Part Number

CLSL22, CLSL29, CLSL34, CLSL40, CLSL49, CLSL60, CLSL72, CLSL76, CLSL94, CLSL145, CLSL525, CLSL600, CLSL675


17MM – 22MM, 22MM – 29MM, 28MM – 34MM, 32MM – 40MM, 39MM – 49MM, 48MM – 60MM, 56MM – 72MM, 60MM – 76MM, 77MM – 94MM, 113MM – 127MM, 115MM – 145MM, 135MM – 155MM, 155MM – 175MM