Stainless Steel Bolt Clamps

Our Stainless Steel Bolt clamp is ideal for marine applications and the foodstuffs industry, as well as countless industrial applications where 304 stainless steel is specified.

The stainless steel bolt together with the captive nut and spacer system allow you to clamp the most demanding of hose assemblies and can be mounted in the most awkward applications without having to remove the hose. It can be opened up and fastened again when in place without dislodging any other parts of the clamp, making assembly much easier.


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Application: Marine, foodstuff industries. Designed for demanding applications where high corrosion resistance is vital.

Material: Band and Bridge – 304 Stainless Steel,┬áBolt – 302 Stainless Steel

Pressure: The maximum application pressure can vary depending on the type of hose used and the geometry of the coupling.

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CSS1719, CSS1921, CSS2123, CSS2325, CSS2527, CSS2729, CSS2931, CSS3134, CSS3437, CSS3740, CSS4043, CSS4347, CSS4751, CSS491517, CSS5155, CSS517543, CSS5559, CSS5963, CSS6368, CSS6873, CSS7379, CSS7985, CSS8591, CSS9197, CSS97104, CSS104112, CSS112121, CSS121130, CSS130140, CSS140150, CSS150162, CSS162174, CSS174187, CSS187200, CSS200213, CSS213226, CSS226239, CSS239252, CSS252265, CSS265278, CSS278291, CSS291304, CSS304317, CSS317330, CSS330342, CSS343356, CSS356369, CSS369382, CSS382395, CSS395408


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