Worm Drive Clamps

Thanks to the exclusive design of the housing the Worm Drive hose clamp has excellent performance while being at the same time very compact. This clamp is ideally used in the marine industry or in any industrial assemblies where where high levels of corrosion resistance is required.

The cold-formed stamped band thread, smooth on the underside, combined with beveled band-edges protects the hose from any damage.

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Material: Band and Housing – 304 Stainless Steel, Screw – 304 Stainless Steel

Pressure: The maximum application pressure can vary depending on the type of hose used and the geometry of the coupling.

Standard: DIN 3017




Additional information

Part Number

CWD616, CWD816, CWD822, CWD1222, CWD1627, CWD2032, CWD2035, CWD2540, CWD3045, CWD3250, CWD4060, CWD5070, CWD6080, CWD7090, CWD80100, CWD90110, CWD92165, CWD100120, CWD110130, CWD120140, CWD130150, CWD140160, CWD143216, CWD150170, CWD160180, CWD170190, CWD180200, CWD181254, CWD190210, CWD200220, CWD210230, CWD220240, CWD257330, CWDNBKIT


8MM – 16MM, 8MM – 22MM, 12MM – 22MM, 16MM – 27MM, 20MM – 32MM, 20MM – 35MM, 25MM – 40MM, 30MM – 45MM, 32MM – 50MM, 40MM – 60MM, 50MM – 70MM, 60MM – 80MM, 6MM – 16MM, 70MM – 90MM, 80MM – 100MM, 90MM – 110MM, 92MM – 165MM, 100MM – 120MM, 110MM – 130MM, 120MM – 140MM, 130MM -150MM, 140MM – 160MM, 143MM – 216MM, 150MM – 170MM, 160MM – 180MM, 170MM – 190MM, 180MM – 200MM, 181MM – 254MM, 190MM – 210MM, 200MM – 220MM, 210MM – 230MM, 220MM – 240MM, 257MM – 330MM, 100 PIECE KIT