OTK Clamps

Our OTK Clamps are an economical solution for many simple hose assemblies, used with air or other fluids.

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Application: Air, Water, Industrial and commercial applications

Material: Band – St 34 Steel (DIN 2393 C ), Finish – Silver-white Cr3 Zinc plated


  • Fast and simple assembly
  • Suitable for low and medium pressure applications
  • Two ear clips offer great versatility in simple hose assemblies
  • Round edges to avoid damage to hoses
  • tamper proof once mounted

Additional information

Part Number

COTK57, COTK79, COTK911, COTK1113, COTK1315, COTK1417, COTK1518, COTK1720, COTK1821, COTK2023, COTK2225, COTK2327, COTK2528, COTK2831, COTK3134, COTK3437, COTK3740, COTK4043, COTK4346, OTKKIT


5MM – 7MM, 7MM – 9MM, 9MM – 11MM, 11MM – 13MM, 13MM – 15MM, 14MM – 17MM, 15MM – 18MM, 17MM – 20MM, 18MM – 21MM, 20MM – 23MM, 22MM – 25MM, 23MM – 27MM, 25MM – 28MM, 28MM – 31MM, 31MM – 34MM, 34MM – 37MM, 37MM – 40MM, 40MM – 43MM, 43MM – 46MM, 150 PIECE KIT WITH TOOL