Single Sphere Bellow – Table E

A Rubber Bellow is a flexible joint made from heat resisting synthetic elastomers and moulded in a spherical shape with metal floating flanges.

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Application: Air, Compressed Air, Water, Sea Water, Hot Water and Weak Acid

Bellows are designed to alleviate piping stress, absorb pipe misalignment, compression and extension, noise and vibration, in a relatively short space. Rubber Bellows are installed in piping systems to absorb movements in three directions;

  1. Axial – the movement of elongation and compression along the center line
  2. Lateral – offset movement from the center line
  3. Angular – offset bending about the center line

Working Pressure: DN32-DN300 1600 kPa, DN350-DN450 1000 kPa, DN450-DN1000 600 kPa

Bursting Pressure: 6000 kPa

Material Chart

LiningNylon Cord Fabric
FrameHard Steel Wire



Additional information

Part Number

FBEL40, FBEL50, FBEL65, FBEL80, FBEL100, FBEL125, FBEL150, FBEL200


40MM, 50MM, 65MM, 80MM, 100MM, 125MM, 150MM, 200MM