450 Series Black Braided Hose

The Aeroflow 450 Series hose is for performance and racing enthusiasts who want high quality light weight hose that is easier to assemble than traditional braided steel hose.


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Material: Constructed with a braided nylon outer shield for abrasion resistance. A flexible stainless steel inner core for superior strength embedded in the Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) synthetic rubber liner.

Application: For use with fuel systems, E85, E10, methanol, oils, lubricants, coolant systems and vacuum applications.

Temperature: -40⁰c to 150⁰c


Note: # Recommended for pump fuel. Due to the use of unknown additives in some fuels, we are unable to guarantee our rubber hose compatibility with all fuels. We recommend the use of Aeroflow PTFE series hose for all race blend fuels.

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR: Brake systems, transmissions, power steering, extreme heat areas and use inside passenger compartments (due to permeation). For these applications use 200 series hose.




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Part Number

AF450-04, AF450-05, AF450-06, AF450-07, AF450-08, AF450-09, AF450-10, AF450-12, AF450-16, AF450-20


-04, -05, -06, -07, -08, -09, -10, -12, -16, -20