111 Series Stainless Steel Braided Cover

This is the best quality Stainless Steel Braided Cover available on the market. It is strong, hard wearing and the close weave will not allow the hose to show through the braid.


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Material: Stainless Steel

Application: For a quality show finish on your Street Machine, Hot Rod, Custom Bike, Boat or daily driver. This is an economical way to dress up your engine bay.


Additional information

Part Number

AF111-014-1M, AF111-021-1M, AF111-024-1M, AF111-029-1M, AF111-045-1M, AF111-050-1M, AF111-060-1M, AF111-014-2M, AF111-021-2M, AF111-024-2M, AF111-029-2M, AF111-045-2M, AF111-050-2M, AF111-060-2M, AF111-014-3M, AF111-021-3M, AF111-024-3M, AF111-029-3M, AF111-045-3M, AF111-050-3M, AF111-060-3M, AF111-014-4.5M, AF111-021-4.5M, AF111-024-4.5M, AF111-029-4.5M, AF111-045-4.5M, AF111-050-4.5M, AF111-060-4.5M, AF111-014-6M, AF111-021-6M, AF111-024-6M, AF111-029-6M, AF111-045-6M, AF111-050-6M, AF111-060-6M


14MM – 9/16", 21MM – 53/64", 24MM – 61/64", 29MM – 1-9/64", 45MM – 1-25/32", 50MM – 1-31/32", 60MM – 2-23/64"


1M / 3FT 3-38", 2M / 6FT 6-3/4", 3M / 9FT 10-1/8", 4.5M / 14FT 9-3/16", 6M / 19FT 8-1/4"