Priming Fluid

PVC Priming Fluid is a solvent based product specifically formulated to clean & prime PVC pipe and fittings.

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Application: Can be used on all classes of PVC pressure and non-pressure PVC pipe and fittings through to 150mm


  • Clear red solution with acetone odour
  • 0.80 – 0.81 specific gravity
  • 79.60°c boiling point
  • 90% volatile
  • Plastic containment

Precautions For Use:

  1. Wear chemical resistant gloves, chemical splash googles
  2. Use approved respiratory protection such as air supplied mask when used in enclosed area.
  3. Do not use in confined spaces. Provide adequate ventilation

SAFE HANDLING:  Material is dangerous when exposed to heat or flame. Keep container closed when not in use. Do not handle or store near open flame, heat or strong oxidants. Adequate ventilation required.



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