Pressure Gauge

Our Liquid-filled pressure gauges are used to damp vibrations and pulsations and minimize their effect on the gauge dial pointer. They are used primarily in dynamic and rugged applications where sudden shocks or pressure spikes might occur. They help to ensure the gauge maintains accurate readings for its rated lifecycle.

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Thread: BSP

Type: Liquid Filled

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Part Number

25-1400, 25-1405, 25-1410, 25-1415, 25-1420, 25-1422, 25-1425, 25-1430, 25-14325, 25-1440, 25-1452, 25-1458


400kPa, 600kPa, 800kPa, 1000kPa, 1600kPa, 2000kPa, 2500kPa, 4000kPa, 6000kPa, 10000kPa, 25000kPa, 40000kPa