Straight Silicone Reducer / Expander

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Application: Aeroflow designs and manufactures premium quality silicon hose for the Performance Automotive Industry, Transport Industry and Industrial applications. Whether its silicon heater hose, vacuum or high temperature silicon turbo hose, Aeroflow has the right product for your demanding applications.

Material: Silicon

Length: 127mm (5″)

Working Temperature: -60⁰c to +180⁰c


  • Huge Range
  • 3 Ply hose have a wall thickness 4.5mm (3/16″) wall and 4 Ply have a wall thickness of 5.3mm (7/32″)
  • Excellent ply adhesion from the inner core to the outer layers
  • Bright gloss finish
  • Not recommended for use with oil and fuel
  • Weather resistant to: harsh sunlight, dry conditions and rain water



Additional information

Part Number

AF9001-070-050, AF9001-075-050, AF9001-075-070, AF9001-085-070, AF9001-085-075, AF9001-100-070, AF9001-100-075, AF9001-112-085, AF9001-112-100, AF9001-125-100, AF9001-125-112, AF9001-137-100, AF9001-137-112, AF9001-137-125, AF9001-150-085, AF9001-150-100, AF9001-150-112, AF9001-150-125, AF9001-150-137, AF9001-162-137, AF9001-175-125, AF9001-175-150, AF9001-200-150, AF9001-200-175, AF9001-212-200, AF9001-225-200, AF9001-250-200, AF9001-250-225, AF9001-275-225, AF9001-275-237, AF9001-275-250, AF9001-300-200, AF9001-300-225, AF9001-300-250, AF9001-300-263, AF9001-300-275, AF9001-325-250, AF9001-325-275, AF9001-325-300, AF9001-350-275, AF9001-350-300, AF9001-350-325, AF9001-375-300, AF9001-400-325, AF9001-400-350, AF9001-500-400, AF9001-625-400, AF9201-070-050, AF9201-075-050, AF9201-075-070, AF9201-085-070, AF9201-085-075, AF9201-100-070, AF9201-100-075, AF9201-112-085, AF9201-112-100, AF9201-125-100, AF9201-125-112, AF9201-137-100, AF9201-137-112, AF9201-137-125, AF9201-150-085, AF9201-150-100, AF9201-150-112, AF9201-150-125, AF9201-150-137, AF9201-162-137, AF9201-175-125, AF9201-175-150, AF9201-200-150, AF9201-200-175, AF9201-212-200, AF9201-225-200, AF9201-250-200, AF9201-250-225, AF9201-275-225, AF9201-275-237, AF9201-275-250, AF9201-300-200, AF9201-300-225, AF9201-300-250, AF9201-300-263, AF9201-300-275, AF9201-325-250, AF9201-325-275, AF9201-325-300, AF9201-350-275, AF9201-350-300, AF9201-350-325, AF9201-375-300, AF9201-400-325, AF9201-400-350, AF9201-500-400, AF9201-625-400


16-13MM, 19-13MM, 19-16MM, 22-16MM, 22-19MM, 25-16MM, 25-19MM, 28-22MM, 28-25MM, 32-25MM, 32-28MM, 35-25MM, 35-28MM, 35-32MM, 38-22MM, 38-25MM, 38-28MM, 38-32MM, 38-35MM, 40-35MM, 45-32MM, 45-38MM, 51-38MM, 51-45MM, 54-51MM, 57-51MM, 63-51MM, 63-57MM, 70-57MM, 70-60MM, 70-63MM, 76-51MM, 76-57MM, 76-63MM, 76-67MM, 76-70MM, 83-63MM, 83-70MM, 83-76MM, 90-70MM, 90-76MM, 90-83MM, 95-76MM, 102-83MM, 102-89MM, 127-102MM, 159-102MM