Plain Elbow

Our Blueline fittings are the fitting of choice for industrial applications, where Blueline PE pipe is carrying media with chemical, compressed air or dirty water.

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Application: Irrigation and Gardening, Suitable for PE pipes.

Pressure Rating (Water): PN16

Maximum Pressure: -20°c to + 20°c 15 – 63mm 1600kPa, -20°c to + 20°c 75 – 110mm 1000kPa

Colour: Body – Black, Nut – Blue


  • Allows assembly on metric polyethylene pipes
  • All components work together smoothly to guarantee a reliable and efficient joint
  • Installation without disassembling
  • Certificate: Australian AS4129

Material Chart

Body, Nut and Thrust RingVirgin Polypropylene in Master Batches, UV Stabilised
Clamp RingAcetalic Resin
GasketsFood Safe Rubber (NBR)
Reinforcement RingStainless Steel AISI 430

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Part Number

8025351106371, 8025351106395, 8025351106401, 8025351106432, 8025351106456, 8025351106463, 9311381523349, 9314538034408, 9314538034415, 9314538034422


16MM, 20MM, 25MM, 32MM, 40MM, 50MM, 63MM, 75MM, 90MM, 110MM