P Clamp

Our Rubber Lined P-Clamps are ideal for attaching and retaining cable conduits, hoses and tubes in construction, sanitary and particularly in automotive applications.

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Application: Agricultural machinery, boat-building, commercial vehicles, construction equipment.  Permanent or semi-permanent fixing of cables, hoses and pipes. These clamps can be used as internal support where cable grommets are used.

Material: Band – Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel, Finish – Galvanised and lined with EPDM

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CRLP6, CRLP8, CRLP10, CRLP12, CRLP14, CRLP15, CRLP16, CRLP17, CRLP18, CRLP19, CRLP20, CRLP21, CRLP22, CRLP23, CRLP25, CRLP26, CRLP28, CRLP30, CRLP34, CRLP35, CRLP36, CRLP38, CRLP40, CRLP45, CRLP50, CRLP54, CRLP60, CRLP63, CRLP1220, CRLP1420, CRLP1620, CRLP1820, CRLP2020, CRLP2220, CRLP2520, CRLP2720, CRLP2820, CRLP3020, CRLP3420, CRLP3620, CRLP3820, CRLP4020, CRLP4220, CRLP4520, CRLP7720


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6MM, 10MM