Butterfly Valve – Lugged

A Butterfly Valve is a quarter-turn rotational motion valve, that is used to stop, regulate, and start flow. When the butterfly valve is fully closed, the disk completely blocks the line. When the butterfly valve is fully opened, the disc is at a right angle to the flow of gas or liquid.

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Application:  Used in a wide range of industries including HVAC, Gas, Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper, Water & Water Treatment, Brewing, Food Processing, Mining, Textile and General Industry. They are compact and give a bubble tight shut off as well as having good regulating capacities.

Cold Working Pressure: 1600 KPa

Body: The lugged body is compact but has a series of lugs cast into the body which are tapped with a metric thread for the fixing of the flange on one side at a time. The benefit of this being the valve can be mounted at the end of a pipeline without the need for a flange on the downstream (discharge) side of the valve.

Material Chart

BodyDuctile Iron
HandleDuctile Iron
Stem416 Stainless Steel
Hub ShaftCF8M


Additional information

Part Number

VBTL50, VBTL65, VBTL80, VBTL100, VBTL125, VBTL150, VBTL200, VBTL250, VBTL300


50MM, 65MM, 80MM, 100MM, 125MM, 150MM, 200MM, 250MM, 300MM